Words are the core of your marketing communications. With variable data, your messages are tailored, relevant and powerful. Words matter.

Combined with imagery, your words are more meaningful and compelling. Together, words and images add power and impact.

With variable hybrid imaging from SPC, your words and images achieve new heights of relevance. Different images speak to different people. No Bull.

Unleash the power of 4CHI:

  • Hi-Res imagery - 600 x 600 DPI
  • 4 color process
  • Color Gamut Similar to Offset
  • Imaging Head Width - 4.16”/Head
  • Up to 2,000 feet/minute
  • Enables a Unified Postal Stream for maximum postal discount

Pair Inline & 4 CHI

Couple 4CHI with just about any of these inline enhancements.

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