Randy Weiler, SPC’s Director of Postal Affairs and Logistics, is here to help you navigate the labyrinth of the USPS. What does it take to efficiently move your projects through the USPS system? What efficiencies can you gain from SPC’s lettershop expertise? Who determines postal increases?

Every month, Randy fields your burning questions about mail and postal affairs in a Q&A format. Looking for the answer to a specific postal question? Check the below index and click on the question to be taken to the answer. If you can’t find the question you’re looking for, you can email him at askrandy@specialtyprintcomm.com or post a question via Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #AskRandyUSPS. We post the questions and his answers each month both here on the SPC blog and on social media.

Volume 1

How long does it take for marketing mail to be delivered in home from the mailing date?

Will there be any USPS promotions in 2018? 

What is Mail Anywhere?

Volume 2

What is the difference between Enhanced Carrier Route Letters and Every Door Direct Mail?

When should I consider commingle mail entry?

What is the cost to open a new permit?

Volume 3

What are the different types of USPS mailing facilities?

What is local entry and how does it affect my postage?

What are the new USPS NCOA requirements moving into 2018?

Volume 4

Are there any USPS rate hikes being predicted for 2018 and/or any speculation on percentages?

What type of scan rate success can I expect when tracking mail?

What does “Mail Anywhere” mean and why is that important to SPC and our customers?

Volume 5

What’s the difference between Co-Palletization and Commingled Mail?

Has Informed Delivery (ID) proven advantageous for marketers? Or is this a service that mostly benefits individual mail recipients?

What happens to mail addressed to residences that are destroyed or become uninhabitable due to a natural disaster?

Volume 6

What is Seamless Acceptance and why is it important to SPC and our customers?

What is the status of the USPS moving to a five-day delivery?

Can I put a “please deliver by” date range on a mail piece?

Volume 7

What is the new Enterprise Payment System and how is it different from CAPS?

What is the remaining term for Postmaster General Megan Brennan? Can she be re-elected or is there a term limit?

Where on my mail piece can I affix an object (a card, magnet, etc.)?

Volume 8

What are the ramifications if NCOA is not applied to a mail file?

How do co-pal and commingle effect the in-home delivery date compared to direct entry?

How much faster does the mail drop using SCF/NDC versus dropping at the post office?

Volume 9

How do you feel about the recently submitted USPS Rate Increase request for 2019?

I just saw where the post office is going to start regulating Marking Mail to paper based products only. How does this affect items such as scratch off stickers and post-it notes?

What resources are available for customers to become educated on postal standards?

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